Seasonal Spotlight: Cabbage

Cabbage deserves your time, and space in your tummy.

Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable with an impressive nutrient profile – making it exceptionally healthy and gut friendly. If you want to keep your digestion happy and healthy fibrous cabbage is a must in your diet! It is rich in vitamin K, C and B6, folate and magnesium to name a few.  

Vitamin C serves many important roles in the body and is well known for its immunity boosting benefits. Vitamin C also helps the body to absorb non-heme iron, which is the type of iron found in plant foods rather than animal products. Eating veggies, like cabbage, that are high in vitamin C us important if you follow a plant-based diet to ensure you are maximizing your iron intake.

Forget boiled, soggy cabbage! There are so many other ways you can include this nutrient rich veggie in your diet. Keep it super simple and add raw cabbage to salads for a crisp and crunchy addition, like we do with our Asian slaw. Or add it into soups and stews for a discreet way to reach your 5+ a day.

Cabbage has a bad reputation for making you fart but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, farting is a sign that your gut is working to digest your food! For extra gut loving goodness make your cabbage into sauerkraut – fermented cabbage. Sauerkraut is rich in probiotics and the bacteria from the fermentation process helps to aid in digestion. 


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