The Honest Kitchen Story

Food should be simple and good for you

Honest Kitchen is the brainchild of me (Karen) and my husband Rob, based in Whanganui

I have over 20 years experience as a professional chef working in kitchens in New Zealand and London. I had a few years away from the hospitality industry but never lost my passion for food. I think once you have the passion for food there is very little chance that you can stay away for long!

Honest Kitchen story | Whanganui

In 2018 after my mum passed away and my dad was left on his own I found there was a real gap in our local market for pre-prepared, ready to heat meals that were unprocessed and made with real ingredients. That’s where the ‘honest’ bit of Honest Kitchen comes in, we believe food should be simple and good for you. We grew from a desire to provide fresh, healthy food using trusted recipes to those who need them. 

Now we had the idea the hunt was on for a premise. We were lucky enough to stumble upon 44 Ridgway and instantly fell in love. A very small seating space out the front meant we weren’t sure it would work as your traditional cafe so the concept of a food-to-go cafe was born.

In September 2018 Honest Kitchen opened its doors. We love being able to provide convenient options for health conscious foodies to grab and go. You can find our pre-prepared meals alongside our extensive (and yummy) cabinet selection - seasonal salads, warming hotpots, daily specials, yummy treats and of course - good coffee!

Karen Sewell | Honest Kitchen | Whanganui

We have evolved over our first year in operation. I now have a wonderful team, who I’m very lucky to have helping HK to keep growing. We are passionate about supporting our local community and use local and seasonal ingredients where possible.

We are now coming back to where it all began, in a sense, and offering our ready to eat meals for order online - making it even easier for our customers to look after themselves and others. Whether you just need a break from cooking or have someone in your life who needs a little extra love at the moment we couldn’t be more happy to help. 

Honest Kitchen is where we are passionate about food and our customers. We have always been about providing the best products and service we can to keep our customers happy and healthy. We absolutely love what we do and hope you do too! 


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