Drink Tea For a Healthy Body and Mind

Specifically, Webster's Tea

We love supplying and supporting Webster's Tea because we think alike and with an organic product and sustainable packaging and business practices, they are doing great things for tea drinkers and the environment!

Webster’s Tea is on a mission to redeem NZs tea scene, after finding our offerings lacking after returning from overseas. Much like us, they believe that good tea, or in our case good food, shouldn’t be hard to find and we shouldn’t be compromising on flavour or our own health, or the planets when consuming.

That’s why Webster’s Tea is made using only quality organic ingredients sourced locally and from around the world, lovingly prepared and packaged in a shed on the outskirts of Tauranga. The result is ridiculously good tea - free of nasties like synthetic chemicals, fertilisers, and pesticides. 

Herbal teas have been used for their taste and healing properties for thousands of years and more so than that, according to the Sung Chinese People, tea is considered a way of life. We can’t argue there, tea is super calming and is the perfect chill out moment during a stressful day, plus provides rehydration and an antioxidant boost as well. 

In our opinion, a cup of hot tea never goes amiss but as we're coming in to summer we've also brewed a special iced tea to add to the menu. 

This iced tea is cold brewed using Webster's Berry Tea, a naturally caffeine free delicate balance of delicious herbs and spices and sweetened using a little organic raw sugar. We serve with lots of ice and mint to garnish - delish! And super refreshing on a hot summers day. 


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