Why Seasonal?

There’s good reason to eat with the seasons!

Eating seasonally is not a new concept, this is something that used to be commonplace. Although we now have ready access to supermarkets stocked with our favourite produce year-round it is still super important to know how and when things grow and try to incorporate more of these foods into your diet. There are so many benefits from minimizing the time it takes for your produce to get from the ground to your plate - produce that is grown and eaten in season is fresher, full of flavour and more nutritional value than imported, out of season produce plus it is often cheaper! 

Seasonal produce typically tastes better and who doesn’t want that? You may have noticed the difference between produce brought from the supermarket versus homegrown if you are lucky enough to have your own garden or benefit from an abundant neighbour’s garden. That’s because naturally ripened produce, grown and picked in season is full of flavour and nutrients!

Produce that is grown and picked in season has greater nutritional value and helps to naturally support your bodies nutritional needs. There’s a reason produce is in season when it is, this is to give your body the nutrients it needs in that season. For example, citrus fruits are abundant in winter and this is extremely beneficial for the cold and flu season due to their high vitamin C content.

Eating seasonally not only is great for your health but also the health of your bank account. Who doesn’t like a little extra cash in the bank? Produce grown out of season usually costs more to because it is grown in managed conditions or transported from overseas. These additional costs are passed on to you and reflected in the prices you see at the supermarket.

If you include more seasonal produce in your shopping this usually comes from local suppliers, meaning less food mileage and less price mark-ups. Keeping your produce fresher and wallet happier! Plus, you are also supporting your local growers and community.in the process.

We love including as much fresh, seasonal produce as possible here at Honest Kitchen. It means that we can provide you with the best (and tastiest) product possible, while also supporting and connecting with other small businesses in our local community.


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