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Chunky Loan Cups

The Chunky Loan Cup

We are on a mission to reduce throwaway cups sent to landfill. While many of us try to do the right thing, it can be easy to forget to take your own cup out with us all the time. The Chunky Loan Cup system is a not-for-profit initiative that supports cafés with free membership. It’s an effort to reduce the amount of waste caused by the use of single use coffee cups.


If you forgot your own cup just borrow one of ours! Pay the participating café $10 as a refundable deposit for the use of the loan cup. You can then choose to bring the cup back to be used for your next coffee or swap it for a clean one. Alternatively, you can bring back the cup in return for their deposit. The cups can be returned to any participating café, not just the café it came from


• Stainless steel, double-walled cup keeps drinks—not fingers—piping hot

• No need for cardboard sleeves

• Sumptuous 3mm drinking edge for a better coffee-drinking experience (and to keep the barista happy)

• Pretty much Hulk-proof. These are tough cups. The lid could, on very rare occasions, break, but we have spares and can recycle broken ones

• Dishwasher safe

• Open drinking hole in the lid, so there are no odour-causing, flavour-impacting particles getting stuck in nooks and crannies. Gross.


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