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When HK reached out for a local craftsman to create a simple document holder, I couldn’t resist to put my hand up! From initial concept, to design, build, and assembly, this project ticked all the boxes..

It all started after a lengthy career as a Chef, eventually moving into at teaching and administration role when the arrival of my small family in 2015. I spent my career creating, designing, perfecting and developing my kinesthetic skills but wasn’t getting the same creative satisfaction from my new corporate 9-5.

I soon developed a hobby for woodworking which satisfied my creative itch, creating quality custom cutting boards and charcuterie platters from concept and design, to a magnificent finished product I could hold in my hands and be proud of.

After much R&D (and lengthy COVID lockdowns!) my small business was born – “Board Chef”, playing on the products I make, and the desire to enjoy the work I do. I use the same principals I carried throughout my Chef career – Quality is #1, no exceptions.

HK’s document holder is made from primarily Tasmanian Blackwood with thin accents of Eucalyptus, all grown right here in Whanganui – 10km’s up the awa in Papaiti. It may look pretty simple, but required some complex calculations – 5 slots needed, each slot would support the document front and back, so had to ensure there was enough support in each pocket to prevent the documents from drooping, and all pitched on a 10’ angle supported by a base plate and finished with a polyurethane varnish.

I started off making 6 small identical boards - 5 for the pockets, and one for the base. Using offcuts from the smaller pocket, I created spacers to separate each section, and create an aesthetically pleasing display. After engraving HK’s logo to the front panel, each section was attached individually before a final sand and three coats of varnish.

Has been a pleasure to work with Charlie and the team, and sharing the same values of providing the best quality products, keeping our customers happy, and just as importantly, loving what we do!


FB/IG: @boardchefnz


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